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At MPS & Accountancy & Tax Ltd we have enjoyed a long history dealing with a wide variety of clients, we have ongoing relationships with SME's, Limited Companies, Sole Traders and Individuals; there is further diversity within these groups with Company Directors, Property Management Enterprises, Electrical Contractors, Plumbers, Builders, Gardeners, Taxi-Drivers and many more types of client benefitting from our extensive range of services. 

We offer excellent flexibility to our clients and following a free consultation encourage them to review our available services and 'cherry-pick' those best suited to their needs.
Team MPS

Meet the Team

The practice was opened in 2006 and has grown over the years to include three members of the family.

We hold a variety of qualifications including AICB, MAAT, ACMA and CGMA and have a range of experience in the automotive industry, civil service, construction sales, local government, research and development, manufacturing and various private sector companies.

Paws for thought

Our varied experience in a number of fields has seen some of our larger clients seeking informal advice on Human Resources, Health & Safety, Office Management, Sales & Marketing.

We also offer tailored payment schemes.